Samsung Net Worth 2021

Samsung Net Worth 2021

Net Worth 2021

As at 2021, Samsung Net Worth would be around $1.2 Trillion. This is a huge sum of money, but Samsung is a very large company. Therefore, this net worth is feasible.

In 2019, Samsung became the first company in history to cross the $1 trillion valuation mark after Apple. Their market capitalization was able to reach this incredulous value because of the increase they saw in share price, sales, and profits. However, this $1 trillion value has since dropped due to concerns around the company’s shifting strategy. As of 2019, Apple’s net worth has been sitting around $940 billion.

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Apple AAPL-1.84%  introduced its new lineup of iPhones and revealed pricing details for its forthcoming gaming and video subscription offerings Tuesday. Though there were few product surprises in Samsung’s latest announcements, the company’s approach to pricing was unexpected and indicated a change in strategy.

How Samsung made it to the top

Samsung has made an art form of moving its customer base from one product category to another. Mac users adopted the iPod, followed by the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Customers trust the brand will work seamlessly across all categories in the Apple ecosystem, which has helped make the Cupertino, California-based company the most valuable in the world. Services is the next frontier for the company and brand.
While Samsung maintains its spot at the top, Google is closing fast with a value of $167.7 billion, up 23%. The Apple brand was worth more than twice as much as the ubiquitous search brand just four years ago.
While Samsung CEO said it’s “not the most important measure” of the company’s success, the tech giant is now in a league of its own, standing tall above its Silicon Valley neighbors worth a measly few hundred billion.
So just how much is one trillion? And what could that amount of money buy?
For starters, let’s spell that out. It’s a 1 followed by 12 zeros: 1,000,000,000,000.
If Samsung was a country, it would be the 27th richest, just behind Pakistan and ahead of Malaysia, according to the CIA World Factbook.
With that kind of cash, Samsung could buy one billion people a $999 iPhone X and still have a billion dollars left in the bank.

South Korea-based Samsung took second place yet again, and also ranked as the 14th largest company in the world in 2018. It saw $225 billion in sales, $41 billion in profit, $293 billion in assets and a market cap of $326 billion. China’s Tencent Holdings and Hon Hai Precision Industry were the two other Asia-Pacific tech companies that broke into the top 10.
New to the list this year is Spotify, which went public in April. The music-streaming service ranked 108th with a market cap of $27 billion. However, the company saw a profit loss of about $1.3 billion in the past year. Other newcomers include China’s 360 Security Technology Inc., formerly called Qihoo 360 before it merged into a shell company earlier this year, at #102.


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