Lady opens restaurant that looks like the interior of an airplane in Abuja.

Some people will even go there and take pictures and the next thing, they will post it on social media telling people they on their way to Dubai.

The arrangement of the seats, the colour of the chairs are awesome and the light are not too bright, everything is just perfect.

The arrangement of the seat is like that of passengers and there is even enough space to house a group of people, what a lovely Restaurant.

Many Nigerians will wish to visit this lovely Restaurant espescially those residing in Abuja but one needs to think of the cost.

To be sincere, we need to really commend the people that design this awesome Restaurant, imagine how they got to create this beautiful Restaurant.

Well, Kudos to the people that design it  and the owner of the the restaurant.

I hope to visit this lovely restaurant but am thinking of how much it will cost me.

how much do you think a plate of fufu and egusi will cost in this restaurant?

Kindly post your view in the comment section.

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